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Suubi The Musician

An upcoming musician with a voice to inspire, give hope and positive energy. She is a vocalist whose experimentation with different genres of music has resulted into beautiful songs such as African Woman, Amazing love and a couple of others, Sandra, a young lady with roots in Masaka Central Uganda has been described as a musician with a resounding voice similar to that of a bell tower and performances full of energy and usually referred to as “Boom.”

Sandra was the winner of the Airtel Trace Star Music competition, a competition which at the start got different talented musicians sending in recordings of them singing on their mobile phones. The finals of this competition were held on 14th February 2015 at the Serena Hotel.


Sandra started singing when she was a small girl, entertaining family members as well as those she had the pleasure to meet. During her school days in Gayaza High School she was part of the school’s chapel choir together with a group of friends. In her senior six vacation she actively performed in different areas in Uganda with the then Novel Band. During her college days, she was a member of a Ugandan girl group sensation XABU for three years. During this time, along with two other ladies, Sandra took the Ugandan music scene by storm with their sensational, extremely vocal and exhilarating performances of their songs from The Gold Rush album. Sandra a Christian has for some time up till now, a member of the worship team at her church.

Sandra, very passionate about the power of possibility has worked with young people on different projects and believes that these youngsters are part of Africa’s greatest resource. With their passion, energy and talent they can change the world for the better if given proper guidance, advice, space and opportunity. Her rendition of the song TRUE COLOURS by Cyndi Lauper encouraged several people to live life and be happy according to who they are and not be afraid because She believes God has put something good and special in each one of us which if well nurtured can positively impact this world.

Sure that this is a big opportunity for positively adding value to life Sandra appreciates all her funs. She therefore stands up to the challenge as an opportunity to use music in conveying positive messages of hope, inspiration and fullness of life.

Latest Music

Togwamu Suubi- Benezeri, Sandra Suubi & Sam Bisaso

Suubi The Eco Artist

NAKITTO SANDRA SUUBI is a Ugandan based eco artist that graduated from the School of Industrial and Fine art in 2014. She is very passionate about young people and  the power of possibility and has taken part in different art and design festivals in Uganda and internationally. Suubi works a lot with different found objects and recycled materials to convey different messages to those that experience her work. Suubi believes that if these materials stay with us, they must work for us. In the recently concluded Kampala Art Festival 2014 she along with her sibling Kalule Kagga Enock built a giant piece that was placed on one of the boda bodas. The piece , “The King Of The Road, ” made out of re-used plastic bottles and old boxes paid tribute to the Boda boss men for their contribution to the Ugandan economy. It encouraged them as well as the public to wear helmets for safety purposes.  Suubi has had the pleasure to build the backdrop for the 2013 Bayimba International Festival that represented their logo made out of recycled plastic bottles.  She took part in the Garbage Collectors Exhibition 2014 where she built a piece called ‘The Power Of Possibility’  currently exhibited at the Uganda Museaum. She had the pleasure of working with young street children during this project to share her knowledge on how to re-use these materials. Her ‘Ebiloto’ campaign saw the construction of a big pair of headphones from recycled Plastic bottles which questioned people what they were listening to, she continued with this campaign in the Netherlands late 2014 where she built a plastic Dream Lab a space for children to talk about their dreams. Suubi is currently persuing a Masters in Fine Art in Sculpture working with recycled materials at Makerere University. When she is not working on these art pieces she is performing on a stage.

Suubi together with the U  as creative team had the opportunity to teach  at Vine Christaian Academy. Here they worked with the children to create different pieces out of this recycled materials. Suubi believes that young people are Africa’s greatest resource and loves to work with them.



Art Projects

  • LABA 2014

    A pair of headphones broadcasting motivational messages inform of spoken word and music that were collected from the internet. With a plan to create a space of positivity, the artist posed the question, WHAT DO YOU, OR ARE YOU LISTENING TO in order to achieve all these dreams? WHERE: LABA FESTIVAL. OUR CITY OUR SPACE. Kisementi Parking Lot. UGANDA. WHEN 2014 MATERIALS PLASTIC BOTTLES PLASTIC WIRE METALIC BARS BINDING WIRE. TRACTOR TYRES. OIL PAINT. SIZE 7*6 metres. Portfolio

    KING OF THE ROAD This is an installation of an enlarged motorcycle helmet that was carried on a motorcycle throughout the city for a month during the KLA ART 014 | Kampala Contemporary Art Festival. Throughout the month of October 2014, the festival showcased contemporary artists from Uganda and Uganda’s neighbouring countries to the public. KLA ART 014's theme was Unmapped; who are the unheard voices of our cities? How can we represent and celebrate the unseen urban-dweller? With the aim to unmap the boda boda man along with his helmet, this installation paid tribute to him as the king of the Ugandan road also termed by some the google maps of Uganda due to his knowledge of most of the areas within the city. Usually no one makes way for him, and he has to utilize whatever space is left on the road by the other big motor vehicles. This time one had to make way for him because he demanded it with his moving master piece. The helmet is one of the things that the Kampala City council was and still is encouraging the different boda boda men to use and so the installation not only portrayed this helmet as something cool, but a crown for this king of the road. To emphasize that they could not stay the kings of the road if they did not wear it because incase of an accident they would not be protected. WHERE: KAMPALA ARTS FESTIVAL. Unmapped UGANDA WHEN 2014 MATERIALS PLASTIC BOTTLES OLD BOXES. WIRE MESH STAPLE WIRE. BINDING WIRE. PLASTIC WIRE. STAPLE WIRE. METAL BARS. SIZE 3METRES * 2METRES. Portfolio


  • Bayimba 2014

    The stage backdrop for the Bayimba International festival 2013 Portfolio



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